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How to Stay Cool on the Golf Course During the Summer Heat


As summer nears and spring comes to a close we are all aware of the blistering heat that comes with it. Although it may be enjoyable when you are catching waves or jet skiing on the lake, it can put a damper on a full round of golf. Rather than resorting to jumping in the unsanitary lake on the 15th hole, here are some tips to help keep you cool on the course.

1. Bring extra towels or a specially designed cooling towel
Currently we are offering the RealXGear cooling towel for only $8.99! That is a 72% savings. This towel is perfect for summer and keeps you 20 degrees cooler. Just soak it in water, place it on your neck and let it do the rest. Not only does it retain water, but it remains dry to the touch so that a waterfall isn’t cascading over your shirt collar while you are using it. If you missed our deal on the RealXGear towel, bring some extra towels of your own. Simply dampen them with cold water and keep them nearby for relief from the suns blistering rays.


2. Drink water before you get thirsty
People often wait until they are thirsty or dehydrated to drink water. This not a good idea and it won’t be fun trying to catch up. Drink a bottle of cold water before you even get to the course. Having the cold water in your system will keep your body cooler as you begin to play. Continue to drink throughout the round and if you choose to have a beer or two, make sure to drink water as well. Alcohol or caffeinated sugary drinks can dehydrate you even quicker.

3. Bring extra gloves
When your hands start to perspire your game can slip quickly. Throw in a backup glove or two to help keep your grip from becoming too loose. As you trade each one out, hang the extra glove on the outside of your bag or in your cart where it can air dry.

4. Freeze a water bottle so that it melts throughout the round
Freeze a bottle of water the night before your round and grab it on the way out. Just throw it in your golf bag and as the round progresses you will have ice cold water right at your fingertips.

5. Wear light colored clothes
If you choose to wear a black polo, pants and shoes on the course this summer, it will certainly “Hurt” as Johnny Cash would say. Wear white shoes and a white shirt. Some golf polos use special moisture wicking fabric that will help keep you cool and dry at the same time. Check out some stylish shorts and shirts from 18 Greens Apparel.


6. Bring a sports drink to refuel
By sports drink we don’t mean an energy drink! Since your will be perspiring and losing sodium it is always good to refuel your body with electrolytes. Whether you prefer Gatorade Glacier Freeze or Powerade Fruit Punch just make sure it is a real sports drink and not a carbonated energy drink.

7. Bring sunscreen – oil free
Although this won’t help with the heat it will definitely keep you from wincing in the shower after the round. The sun is brutal and your skin can take a beating being exposed for hours on end. Purchase an oil free sunscreen so that your hands aren’t greasy and use a high SPF to ensure it is keeping you protected.

8. Play an early tee time
If you want to beat the heat and don’t mind rising early, register for an early tee-time. The rabbit groups are quick to finish and will be in the clubhouse well before the humidity or sun start to take effect.

9. Use an umbrella for shade
An umbrella can be a great way to stay out of the sun and keep you much cooler. There are push cart accessories that simply attach to the cart and act as a holster for your umbrella. Everywhere you walk you will be in the comfort of the shade.

We hope these tips help to prepare you for the summer heat. Comment below with your favorite way to stay cool on the golf course!

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4 Responses to How to Stay Cool on the Golf Course During the Summer Heat

  1. Some really great tips for keeping cool because temperatures really can get very high depending on the course you choose to play at. Keeping hydrated is so crucial with any outdoor sport so golf shouldn’t be any different. Freezing a water bottle is a very good and traditional idea. Would you advise on not playing during the time where the sun and the heat is at its peak? I’ve never heard of the cooling towels before but they sound very handy.

    • Jason Tenzer says:

      I use the cooling towel every time I play in the heat. After I hit, I put it on my neck and drive to my ball (then repeat). They are great. They also have cooling hats, but I’ve never tried them.

    • Jason Tenzer says:

      Olivia, What do you do at Penina?

  2. Very helpful tricks and tips. It’s seem obviously, but most of player are never notice. Thanks.

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